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Curved Glass

New Design Opportunities with Curved Glass

Vitrum™ Glass Group is committed to investing in new technologies and glass fabrication solutions. With the recent addition of a curved glass tempering furnace Vitrum is able to offer a complete line of fabricated glass products to meet all of your design requirements.

Vitrum curves glass through the process of heating, curving and rapidly cooling the glass to produce curved tempered glass with custom cylindrical curves in sizes up to 118 inches wide by 110 inches high. State-of-the-art convection tempering technology ensures minimal distortion and strict radial tolerances.

As all curved glass projects are unique we encourage you to give us a call (1.888.391.1166) today to discuss your curved glass requirements, sizing and pricing.

Curved Glass

  • Curved Features
  • Cylindrical curves with a maximum bending depth of 26 inches
  • Various glass substrates including clear, tinted, acid-etch,
    Starphire™ and select low-e coatings
  • Wide range of glass thickness from 5mm (3/16″) to 19mm (3/4″)
  • Short cycle lead times

Curved Laminated Glass

  • Constructed by bonding two or more layers of curved glass
  • Available in PVB and SentryGlasTM (SGP)
  • Conforms to all safety and industry standards
  • Improved sound control
  • Added UV Protection

Curved Printed Glass

  • Add additional design elements with ceramic frit
  • Roll-coating, screen and digital printing available
  • Improves energy performance by reducing solar heat gain

Fabricated curved Glass

  • Holes and notches (drilled before curving glass)
  • Flat grind and polished edges


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