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Glass Cleaning Guidelines

Architectural glass products can be damaged through improper cleaning. To keep your architectural glass clean and damage free, we recommend following our four glass cleaning guidelines:

  1. Wash off any abrasive or alkaline material that comes into contact with glass immediately.
    Use clean water, a non-abrasive applicator and a non-abrasive commercial window washing solution to clean concrete, mortar slurry or other potentially damaging material from glass. Use a squeegee with a rubber edge to remove all cleaning solution from the window.
  2. Avoid cleaning tinted or and reflective glass surfaces in direct sunlight.
    The heat from the window may cause the solution to dry too quickly and result in window streaks.
  3. Work from the top down.
    To avoid residue and cleaning solution being left on the glass at lower levels of the building, always start cleaning at the top of the building and work towards the bottom.
  4. Never use a blade or other sharp object to clean the glass or remove debris.

For a complete and comprehensive guide, order the Glass Association of North America’s Proper Procedures for Cleaning Architectural Glass Products.

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