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Glass Cleaning

  • What glass cleaning techniques does Vitrum recommend?

    Vitrum recommends using clean water, a non-abrasive applicator and a non-abrasive commercial window washing solution to clean concrete, mortar slurry or other potentially damaging material from glass. Use a squeegee with a rubber edge to remove all cleaning solution from the window.  NEVER  use a blade or sharp object to scrape the glass.

Shapes & Templates

  • How can I avoid template charges?

    Avoid paying template charges by using our shape catalogue and providing the appropriate dimensions electronically or handwritten.

General Questions

  • Are Vitrum’s glass products manufactured to meet CAN/CGSB and ASTM standards?

    Yes. Contact us   to learn more about the engineering testing our products have undergone.

  • How many glass types and combinations does Vitrum offer?

    Over 500 glass types and combinations are available from us. View our  glass products   to begin the selection process.

  • I want to keep the “heat wave” effect on the glass facade of my project to a minimum. How can Vitrum help?

    Vitrum has an Osprey online distortion system (with a 3D map called OptiView) that enables us to measure the quality of heat-treated glass and make corrections. We use it to produce Vitrum’s Premium TrueForm™ tempered glass with a variation of only 33 millidiopters, compared to the industry standard of 298 millidiopters ensuring our customers receive a virtually distortion free reflection.


  • Where do I buy replacment parts or request service for my windows?

    Vitrum Industries is a wholesale glass fabricator and does not sell windows. We sell the glass component of your window system to glaziers who than produce the vinyl, aluminum or wood windows you find in your home. Please speak with your window supplier or home builder for more service information.

  • I need bug screens for my windows?

    Vitrum™ Glass Group is a wholesale glass fabricator. Our glass is glazed by our customers to create the windows in your home. We are unable to provide bug screens for your windows as we did not make the window.

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