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Spandrel Glass

Create the ILLUSION of a 100% glass building.

Located between vision glass windows of a building, spandrel glass transforms into an opaque architectural element that can be used to conceal building components, including columns, floors, electrical wiring, plumbing and other areas of a building. Through the combination of vision and spandrel glass designers can achieve a seamless glass effect for the façade of a building.

The versatile and custom nature of this product, allows it to be produced in nearly any colour, which makes spandrel glass a great product choice for architects and designer who seek to obtain a unique feature in their next glazing project.

Vitrum uses ICD’s Opaci-Coat 300® for an exceptionally durable, scratch, chip, peel and fade resistant finish. This glass opacifying materials is lead free and contains no organic solvents, making it the perfect choice for those designing to LEED standards. Alternatively Ceramic Frit may be specified when and where required.

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