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Clear, tint-free views

Enjoy clear, tint free views on sunny days thanks to unparalleled glare control. Choose Solorban® 70XL or Solorban® 60 Low-E glass for the transmission of high levels of visible light from glass that can be mistaken for clear.

Comfort and CLEAR views

Keep your building cool in the summer and warm in the winter with the help of Vitrum’s Low-E glass. Low-E glass, also known as Low Emissivity glass, provides superior insulating performance and solar control while allowing high levels of visible light and a virtually neutral appearance.

Our Low-E Glass delivers the best in energy-related cost savings. It transmits up to 48% less solar energy and has a U-Value that is almost double that of standard clear insulating glass. Architects and designers can now incorporate vast areas of vision glass while reducing transmitted UV energy and ensuring superior energy performance in any climate.

As a PPG and Guardian certified Fabricator, Vitrum is able to provide access to a wide selection of Low-E glass products from PPG and Guardian.


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