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WELL Standard Helps Us See What’s Important

Guardian Solarban 70XLWhen the sun shines and we see it, our hearts feel happy. It’s a simple truth and myriad of scientific reports will back me up on this.

In fact innumerable studies, research papers, and institutes are focused on determining the importance that light, sound, air purity, clean water and environment has on human health. In 2014, these studies were so prevalent and the research so resounding that the International Well Being Institute launched WELL. WELL is a building standard that is quickly being adopted by architects and designers which encourages building design to enhance our well-being rather than hinder it.

Once of the core elements of WELL v2 is light ( Natural light and a connection to nature is known to increase optimism and a positive mental state. It promotes productivity, collaboration, and creativity. Natural light stimulates our bodies to heal quicker than when left without it. There is also strong correlation between poorly lit occupied spaces and depression; even impairment of cognitive function.

Two of the most heavily ranked light features focus on creating spaces that enhance daylight access and provide glare control. These aspects speak to the importance of creating spaces that provide optimal naturally lit environments while reducing glare which inhibits productivity, enhances negative physical conditions like eye strain, headaches and migraines while effectively instigating workplace accidents and loss-time incidents.

Thankfully, there are many glass and glazing options already in the marketplace that can assist in achieving these optimal naturally-lit indoor environments. Digital or screen-printed ceramic frit in various patterns can work to reduce the amount of light and glare into a space. Low-iron laminated glass in various colours and coatings can also work to achieve an optimal visible light transmittance. The customization and aesthetic opportunities within these various solutions, offered by Vitrum Glass Group, are nearly limitless. Many of these solutions can also work with local environmental energy codes.

As a species we have thrived for thousands of years when left in a natural environment. Only recently have we adapted to spending 90% of our time indoors. WELL looks to recreate wellness for all facets of humans where we have lost it within the built environment. It looks to create balance and connection to living life healthily and more fully.

So go ahead, look for and enjoy the sun in your space.

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