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Vitrum Celebrates Earth Day 2019

At Vitrum Glass Group, Earth Day prompts us to review the changes we have made to reduce our environmental impact, and it encourages us to keep evolving our business and products, so that our earth can become stronger, healthier, better.

Manufacturing has long been a dirty-word for environmentalists. The first visuals associated with climate change are, most often, smoke stacks. Vitrum wants this to change. We believe in developing and implementing manufacturing processes that minimize environmental impact.

Some of the changes we’ve made already include the selection of electric tempering ovens over gas-fuelled and the installation of high-efficiency factory lighting throughout our 170,000 sf production floor. We’ve implemented the capability to capture and reuse wastewater and recently upgraded our air compressors to infinitely adjust air-pressure according to the task being performed, which reduces an immense amount of energy used throughout production. Our new manufacturing facility is incorporating hundreds of oversized skylights and windows to limit the need for artificial daylighting.

Are we done? Absolutely not. At Vitrum, it’s just the beginning of what we believe is possible. We are motivated by the net positive results of the changes we’ve made. We are motivated by the drive and passion that exists for change within the architectural community. And, we are motivated by the ever-present and very real change to our climate. Our next immediate goal is to work on reducing or repurposing the amount of plastic refuse used in the storage, handling, and shipping of our products.

earth day 2019

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