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Safety Glazing for Schools breed Confident Kids

This month it’s back-to-school for kids! And families can breathe easier knowing that the primary focus on school design among architects is safety. In fact, many new schools and retrofits are attempting to voluntarily meet more stringent glazing safety codes.
One major change came in 2017 when the Canadian General Standards Board ruled that wired glass would no longer be considered a safety glass and removed it entirely from the newest Safety Glazing standard: CAN/CGSB 12.1-2017.
Now to qualify as safety glazing used in doors, sidelites, & other locations where impact safety is required, all glazing products must meet a Class B rating (457-mm [18-in.] drop height and 203 J [150 ft-lb]) or the more stringent Class A rating (1219-mm [48-in.] drop height and 542 J [400 ft-lb]). Wired glass didn’t even meet the lower threshold Class B rating.
But fire safety is one aspect of school safety; stakeholders are now looking for building standards that help to impede fire, impact, & intruder penetration. A great article to help guide this discussion was recently published by Glass & Metals Magazine, “Guide to Protective Glazing” –
Why wouldn’t we consider all aspects of safety? Sending kids to school in a safe, secure environment means they will grow to be strong, confident leaders in a progressive world. All good things.

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