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Missing an Opportunity? Incorporate Branding into Your Workspace

Authenticity and brand stories are buzz worthy terms these days. Brands are looking for creative and authentic ways to connect with their consumers. Also important? Building loyalty from within and allowing your team to be brand ambassadors.

There are many ways to create a connection to your brand internally, but one of the most overlooked opportunities is within the design elements of a corporation’s workspace. Other than simply hanging a logo at our threshold, we can also create significant elements of design that assist in the brand story. Elements can be bold and conspicuous and lead visitors and employees to the spaces within with enticed vigor or design can convey an impression. Just the notion of the brand which works to invite, or better yet, compel people to engage with your brand.

The Packers Plus brand (Edmonton, AB) plays with geometrical shapes. Online each shape provides a glimpse into a small portion of their overall brand. However, they’ve worked, with great success, to integrate their brand strategy so that both online and offline stories align.

Using 36 DecorCoat™ back-painted glass panels, Packers Plus, created a bold geometric welcome for guests and employees alike. DecorCoat™ is a great option for glass color-coating projects and installations that requires full coverage and bold results. Another benefit is that it can be custom color matched to virtually any color or in this case, any brand.

Each panel for this project was installed by Specialty Glazing Systems using 112 stainless steel stand-offs and a half-inch reveal line between each panel assists the maximum impact of the design, created by Jerilyn Wright & Associates Interior Designers.

So if your brand story is compelling and authentic, don’t miss out on a perfect opportunity to integrate your story with your people and your headquarters. Make your brand impactful for all that visit and create interior design elements that your employees and visitors alike will love.


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