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Vitrum’s Electrochromic Glass Activated by Halio Smart-Tinting Technologies

Vitrum™ Glass Group
is proud to announce our selection as an exclusive provider of Halio Glass to the North American Market.

Vitrum’s Electrochromic Glass activated by Halio Glass by Kinestral Technologies ( is the world’s most advanced natural light management system.

Some of the most distinguishing features of Vitrum’s Electrochromic Glass activated by Halio smart-tinting windows include:

  • Tints automatically or on command;
  • In its clear state, Halio looks like natural glass, and it tints to neutral cool gray shades;
  • Starts tinting within seconds and switches 10 times faster than older generation products;
  • Tinting is uniform across any glass sheet size, allowing unlimited tint level options;
  • Complete design freedom and flexibility, specify coatings, glass color, and other features to achieve performance and aesthetic goals.

For more information about Halio Glass’ performance and capabilities visit 

For more information about the partnership between Vitrum™ Glass Group and Kinestral Technologies visit

For more information about how to order Vitrum’s Electrochromic Glass activated by Halio smart-tinting technologies, please contact Tara Brummet,  Business Development Manager, US Markets, by email inquiry at: